ATI Omni Maxx AR-15 - 5.56
Browning A-Bolt Medalion 223wssm USED
Century Arms C308 Sporter .308 USED
Century Arms Zastava CZ99 - 22lr USED
Diamond Back DB15 - .223/5.56 USED
Henry H0120 - .45colt
Interarms Mdl22auto - 22lr USED
Marlin 39A .22s/l/lr USED
Marlin Model45 Camp Carbine USED
Marlin 605 - .22lr USED
Marlin 60W - .22lr USED
Remington 7600 - 243 USED
Remington Mdl510 - 22lr USED
Rock River LAR15 - 5.56 USED
Ruger 10/22 - 22lr
Ruger American - 7.62x39
Ruger American FARMER 22lr
Ruger M77 Mark II - 308win USED
Saiga AK Sporter .308 USED
Springfield Armory Socom II - .308 USED
Springfield Savage 187A - 22s,l,lr USED
Tikka T3 - 243win USED
Troy Carbine - 5.56 USED
Winchester - Model 67 - 22lr USED
Winchester - Model 70 - 7mm mag USED
Winchester - Model 70 - 243wssm USED
Winchester - Model 70 - 300 win mag USED
Winchester - Model 77 - .22lr USED
Winchester 88 - 308win USED

Benelli Super Nova 12gauge Tactical USED
Beretta AL2 12ga USED
Browning A5 - 20ga USED​
Century Arms Catamount Fury II - 12ga USED
CZ Huglu, Red Head - 28ga USED
Diamond PA 12gauge​ USED 
H&R Mdl 98 USED
Interarms Starguage 20ga USED
Marlin/Glenfield Mdl55 12ga USED
Mossberg 500 12ga USED
Remington Sportsman 12ga USED
Remington 11-48 28ga USED
Remington 11-87 12ga 3in Tactical USED
Remington 58 12ga USED
Remington - 887 Super Mag - 12ga USED
Stevens Tactical 20ga
Stevens 20ga USED
Stoeger M3020 - 20ga USED
Wards Mdl60(620A) 12ga USED
Western Field Model 228FR - 16ga USED
Winchester - Model 37 - 12ga USED

Daisy Red Ryder
Daisy PowerLine 901

Special Order a Gun is only

$40 over cost!!!

AR Lowers and Accessories

Bear Creak Arsenal Barrel .223wylde
                                               1:9 twist
Palmetto State Armory Bolt Carrier Groups
Upper Receivers
Aero Precision

Lower Receivers
Anderson AM-15 Multi
Noreen Firearms .223/5.56
Palmetto State Gadsden​
Noreen Complete Lower
Palmetto Complete Kit (except lower)​​

AlOT of other AR Accessories IN STOCK!



Bond Arms Snake Slayer .45colt/410 
Century Arms Canik TP9SA - 9x19
Colt 1911 - .22lr 
Glock 26 9mm USED
Glock G31 .357sig USED
Glock 35 - 40sw USED
H&K USP .40sw USED
Ruger LCP - 380
Ruger MarkIV - 22lr
Ruger Mark IV 22/45 - 22lr
Ruger Mark IV Hunter - 22lr
S&W M&P - 9mm
S&W M&P Shield - 9mm 
S&W Mdl629 .44mag
S&W Mdl 22A-1 .22lr USED
S&W 642 .38spl+p USED
Sig MPX 9x19
Sig P250 .40sw USED
Springfield Armory XDE - 9mm
Universal Enforcer .30Carbine

 Gun Inventory is updated once weekly!

Any questions about guns or pricing please call (660)885-8080 or e-mail kreisleroutdoorcenter@gmail.com

Thank You!